The 5th

The weather tried its best to beat us, but to no avail!

Well done to all who braved the conditions, took a soaking and marched on regardless. A truly unforgettable night on which our torches eventually burned off the clouds and sent them packing.

Lewes Bonfire 2015

The first selection of pictures from the evening are already available via the photos page. You can buy prints and high-quality downloads from the site, so while you rest your feet and wait for your costume to dry, why not peruse the galleries, find a great shot of yourself and raise some money for the society?

Lewes Bonfire 2015
More pictures will be added to the gallery very soon, including the badge night portraits, so keep checking the website over the next few days.

Lewes Bonfire 2015

Tonight’s the Night

Are you ready?

The 5th is upon us again, come rain or shine we march through the streets of Lewes tonight. For your reference the forming up times for Southover’s processions are as follows:

First procession – Children’s
4:30pm Form up in Potters lane

Second procession – Remembrance
6:00pm Form up Kings Head

Third Procession – The Grand
7:15pm Form up at the King’s Head
7:20pm Form up at The Swan

Fourth Procession – To the Firesite
10:00pm Form up at the King’s Head

Fifth Procession – Back to Headquarters
11:30pm Form up at The Swan