Dashing Through the Rain

The annual Firesite Dash was held today, hosted by our friends at South Street Bonfire Society. The 4.5 mile route passes close to each society’s firesite and there is always a good turnout of serious and very much not-serious runners, joggers and walkers, many of whom compete in society colours.

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s event was won by SBS’s own Mauro Lazzati, with an impressive finish time of 31:00 (unofficial)! Running fanatics will also be impressed to learn that Mauro also achieved his personal best for the climb up Winterbourne Hollow, making this ascent in 1:57 (about 25 minutes faster than the society’s climb on the 5th…).

This is Mauro’s second victory in this race, so get into training now to make sure SBS retains the crown in future years. Thanks to everyone who took part on behalf of Southover and to SSBS for inviting us.

If anyone has any photos of the event we’d love to see them, please send to website@southoverbs.com and we’ll add the best ones to this article.