Smuggler Costume

Southover Smugglers wear…

Red and black knitted Guernsey (No cotton tops, thin-striped jumpers or rugby shirts)
White trousers
Black boots
Red / white neckerchief (to tie round your neck)
Red cap / beenie hat (Not essential but will be encouraged)
Your current year’s membership badge (Absolutely essential)

Smugglers accessories can include a thick black leather belt, black leather pouches or small satchels, a black frock type coat or black jacket if it’s really cold. Red sashes are only worn by marshals, chiefs and captains.

This dress code will be upheld on every Fifth, with no exceptions! You will be asked to leave the procession if you are not properly dressed.

If you need a Guernsey please contact Eileen Pelham 01273 478056. You can knit one yourself using the guide below or there are websites who could supply suitable items – easy enough to search for. A hand knitted Guernsey will last you for years, and become a treasured and historic part of you…

Smuggler’s Guernsey

Use either Superwash pure wool or 80 per cent acrylic and 20 per cent wool mix. (Pure wool recommended.)


  1. Chest mesurement + 2 or 3 inches.
  2. Underarm to wrist allowing for bending of elbow.
  3. Underarm to hem.
  4. Distance from a point on the back between the underarms and collar.
  5. Thickness of stripe = 3 inches.

Download the Guernsey pattern in PDF form here.