Costume Competition

Get dressed to impress for the Lewes Bonfire Council Costume Competition

Every year there is a traditional but important event that takes place at Lewes Town Hall. Each Society shows off the best of their Pioneer groups; there are some stunning costumes. It’s really important Southover members take part, it’s a great way to build goodwill and bonfire spirit by showing up and being proud of our own Pioneer costumes.

This year the event takes place on Friday 2oth October. Entry for all (including participants) is £2.50 adults and children 16 and under 50p. Children’s categories start at 6.15pm and adults at 8pm.
If you’d like to represent Southover, please contact your Pioneer Chiefs: Jon Walter (First Pioneer Chief) at and Pat O’Toole (Second Pioneer Chief) who can guide you.


costume competition poster