Remembrance 2017

You may remember that last year a cryptic appeal for volunteers was sent out to take part in a Remembrance Sunday event. This year, with more time to plan and greater involvement from others in the town, the event will be going ahead on 12th November. This will be a torchlit procession. Each person in the procession will represent one of the people on the war memorial.


What does it mean for me?

We are looking for male volunteers to take part in the procession (ideally) aged between 17 and 50 (or as near as possible) to represent the men of the town that are remembered on the Lewes war memorial. Each person is asked to march in silence with a torch from the home that the person originally lived at and converge on the Lewes war memorial. Each name will then be read out and the torch extinguished. We are also looking for people who are related to a person on the memorial (of any age) to represent their relative on the memorial.

What if I’m in a different age group and / or different gender but still want to be involved?

Great. There will still be plenty of roles to make this work. Naturally, those that fell were predominately men (there is a female nurse remembered on the memorial) and the purpose of the procession is to bring home the loss to the town of the working men that went to war and didn’t come back.

Nevertheless, in order for the event to run we need people to re-supply torches, look after the torch dumps, and enforce the road closure. There will almost certainly be a role for anyone that wishes to help make this work.

What this is not:

1) This is not a bonfire celebration, this will very much be a Remembrance event. The societies have come together to help support the event and are calling out to members to see if they wish to be involved. The event will not be widely publicised and will be a vigil.

2) This is not about dressing up in costume. Each person will need to simply dress in their everyday clothes to show how it would impact the town today if a similar event happened. By dressing up in costume we feel we would lose the connection that these were everyday working people of the town that were lost.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity then please let me know via email to . If you wish to march then please reply with how old you’ll be in November 2017 and, if relevant, the name of your relative on the memorial. Here is a link to the map of where each person on the memorial lived in the town.


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