people – mark powles

name Mark Powles
portrait photo
How long have you been a member of SBS? 10 years
What roles do you currently play within the society? Captain of Bands
What does this role/roles involve? I ensure that the Society is accompanied on The Fifth by the two best bands – British Imperial Marching Band (BIMB) and Pentacle Drummers.
I decide on the music to be played at the main town war memorial, liaising closely with other Captains to make the brief service seamless. I also assist at Southover’s own memorial.
I make sure the bands know where to be and when and also ensure they are well fed and watered at the Society’s pubs! I provide BIMB with secure accommodation on the night, to store equipment and personal effects.
Additionally I assist with torch-making and was involved with the dipping process in 2019 (I’m sure I still smell of kerosene). I served on the committee for a brief period.
How long have you held this position/positions? 10 years
What other roles have you played? None
What do you most love about your role/s? Listening to the fantastic music behind me and dressing like a skeletal monk!