Flares Have Gone Out of Fashion

A word from our Commander-in-Chief regarding marine flares:

Rumours have been circulating of late about the use of marine flares in processions and other bonfire events, so to provide clarity here is a summary of the current situation regarding these items.
The police have instructed all bonfire societies that this year they will be adopting a zero-tolerance policy on use of marine flares at all bonfire events, including the 5th, and that they will act against anyone seen using what they believe to be a marine flare. Members are reminded that it is illegal to discharge a marine flare within an urban environment, and we ask that members do not bring marine flares to any bonfire event. Anyone caught using or carrying such items may be subject to police action, so please don’t risk ruining your evening by bringing them along.

Simon Monk
SBS Commander-in-Chief