Costume and merchandise

Southover Bonfire Society members march as either as Cluniac Monks (First Pioneers); Buccaneers (Second Pioneers) or Smugglers. Costume is an important and integral part of bonfire tradition and every Society has advice, guidance and rules for new members so you can join the ranks feeling fully part of the excitement and dressed and ready to go.

And remember, you can have more than one Pioneer costume. Lots of us like to mix it up a bit and be a buccaneer one minute, a monk the next, plus sport the fantastic smugglers’ uniform when we feel like it! The fun never stops and you will quickly pick up new ideas from the friends you make in the Society.

Above all, be fire retardant. You can buy fire retardant sprays from local hardware shops and give everything a good spritz. We also have some fire retardant spray available in our online “shop”.

Our merchandise is oh, so nice!

There’s a whole host of goodies with SBS branding on them that you can buy as a member of Southover Bonfire Society. Hoodies, t-shirts, key rings, badges, bags, neckerchiefs etc…the range is wide and it’s growing!

Our Captain of Merchandise is Shireen – you can contact her at She sells our merchandise at our various events during the year, via our online “shop”, and is also at our Badge Nights – see our Events page for details of these.