Officials of Southover Bonfire Society

Southover Bonfire Society Life Members
Keith Austin, Ann Thomas, Mark Ridgwell (all 3 sadly in memoriam)
Stephen English, Matthew Street, Johnny Marshall, Lex O’temro, Nick Cullen.

Committee Members

Nigel Powell – Johnny Marshall – Nick Cullen – Darren Hilborn – John Hughes – Dave Middleton – Emma Quinton – Emma Howard – Nicola Singleton – James McCauley – Paul Fry – Claire Groark – Patrick Mundy – Simon Ingram.

Officials, captains and leads
Chair – Nigel Powell
Vice Chair – Simon ingram
Secretary – John Hughes
Treasurer – Johnny Marshall
Commander-in Chief – Simon Monk
Aide de Camp – Jim Chambers
First Pioneer Chief – Steve George
First Pioneer Lieutenants – Jon Walter and John Gower
Second Pioneer Chief – Clair May
Second Pioneer Lieutenant – Raffy Boycott
Captain of Smugglers – Lucie Stericker
Lieutenant of Smugglers – Mark Fry
Captain of Merchandise – Shireen Painter

Captain of Logistics & The Fifth List – Emma Quinton
Quartermaster – Bill Barber
Deputy Quartermaster – Kitty Rahman
Captain of Bands – Gerry Gilbert
Captain of Rear Barrels – Matt Dicks
Lieutenant of Rear Barrels – Liam Williams
Captain of Firesite – Captain Jim Painter
Lieutenant of Firesite – Anthea Smith
Captain of Illuminated Pieces – Becky Knight
Captain of Ceremonies – John Hughes
Captain of Tableau – Rob Phillips
Lieutenant of Tableau – Simon Ingram
Captains of Aerials – Martin Porter and James McClean Smith
Lieutenant of Aerials – Emma Quinton
Captain of Crosses – John Gower
Archbishop of Southover Bonfire Society – Matt Mahoney, attended by his suffragans
Captain of Torch Distribution Team – Kevin West
Captain of Bell Cart – Simon Pope
Captain of Small Builds – Gini Jarvis
Captains of Outmeetings – Simon Ingram, Martin Porter, James McCauley
Membership Team – Kathie Murphy, Pat O’Toole, Raffy Boycott, Lorna Hilborn, Jack Feintuck and Nick Cullen
Buddy Coordinator – Liz Shaw Cromarty
3,500 plus torches – SBS volunteers – led by The Torchtastic Crew: Bill Barber, Simon Monk, Emma Quinton, Sarah Monk
3,500 plus torches dipping – SBS volunteers – led by Nick Cullen
Society dog – Wilson

Our fantastic HQ: The Swan, Southover

All enquiries to