Cluniac Monks

Our First Pioneers wear the black robes of Cluniac monks who lived in the Priory of St Pancras in Lewes. Being a Southover monk means you lead our marches and have a nice warm outfit including a hood should it rain. But, very importantly, there is something to behold on the Fifth as the monks make their way through Lewes chiming the bell cart and creating some drama.

The recommended material for the robes is flameproofed wool serge in black. The pattern (please see below) is McCalls sewing pattern 2339 (Robe H). You can often find these for sale on eBay.

Alternatively, please contact Cathy at if you are interested in having one made for your or your family members.

Our monks also enjoy adding some accessories such as leather belts, tankards, and some have even been known to go a bit further! 

If you’ve recently joined the Cluniac order of Southover Bonfire Society, or have any further questions about this group, you can contact the Monks’ Pioneer Captain at