Outmeetings are bonfire events in the wider Sussex area held by neighbouring Bonfire Societies. Each year SBS are invited to attend a series of these. Transport is arranged by the Outmeetings Team and a modest fee is charged to cover transport costs if we hire a bus or you can pay directly to the lovely train company if we take that mode of travellation.

Outmeetings are a fantastic way to experience the bonfire tradition, try out costume ideas and to meet with friends new and old alike.

If you haven’t attended one before then you will find a friendly welcome from the team and from your fellow members.

What’s happening?

Our Outmeetings Team have finalised a schedule of great outmeetings this year.

These are open by invitation only and numbers are strictly regulated. Outmeeting tickets are available to current Southover Bonfire Society members only.

You must be a member of SBS and have a 2021 SBS membership card and badge for events before November 4 2022 and a 2022 membership card and badge for outmeetings after November 5 2022.

Please remember to follow the guidance from the host Bonfire Societies and listen to the SBS marshals at the event. Further info about outmeetings is also published on our SBS Facebook members-only site and in Advance Notice, our regular email news update. There is also a link here to the current schedule.

More info via outmeetings@southoverbs.com