Bonfire 2020 and Covid


Due to the pandemic and in adherence to government guidelines and to protect public health and safety, we have cancelled our celebration on November 5th 2020. This includes badge nights, processions, bonfire, firework displays, torches and tab. We have told our members and reiterate this here for everyone else, if people go out on the night individually or in groups, as a family or in SBS colours, they will be doing so under their own steam. They are not part of Southover Bonfire Society and should not claim to be so. This is to protect us against any insurance claims made in relation to COVID 19 or injuries resulting from this activity. We have told members that if a claim is made against them, we will not be able to defend them because our insurance will not cover them as we have officially cancelled the event. We are looking forward to coming back bigger than ever in 2021! ADVANCE!