Scarily this is a true story overheard on November 5 2011:

Little girl: “Mummy, where do Southover Bonfire Society’s torches come from?”

Mummy: “I think we rent them from the council, darling.”

To dispel all the fairytales, once and for all, we have to make ‘em ourselves – from ordering and cutting the hessian, to notching the wood so we can wrap the hessian properly.

We do quality torches in SBS. Indeed, some members pride themselves on their technique and get really quite competitive.

The truth is we need to create thousands of torches for November 5. So September sees the start of our torchmaking sessions on Sunday mornings.

And, if you are a torch making virgin, fear not. There are plenty of people who can show you how to do it and it’s a great way to meet fellow SBS-ers who you might not recognise out of costume! Remember, each SBS member will be burning up to 10 torches each on the 5th. Make sure you make yours!