Southover Bonfire Society was formed in 1886. However, this was by no means the start of bonfire celebrations in Southover. We have a far deeper past but those tales will be added in due course so please keep visiting our site.

For a great many years the celebration on the 5th of November had been a riotous affair. For it to continue there were going to have be changes, order was needed, and so it was in 1853 that the town bonfire society was formed with what is now known as Borough and the Cliffe bonfire societies. This was followed by Commercial Square Bonfire Society in 1855. Southover followed later and this was because the Bonfire Boys of Southover were not so easily turned from the ways of the past. It was only when the Lord of Southover insisted upon it as he had become mightily impressed by the organisation of the other societies and probably a little envious. Thus the society was formed with the intent of leaving the old ways behind, hence the society motto ‘ADVANCE’ being chosen as it was time not only to move on but also to encourage society members to better themselves and the other societies. It continues to be our motto to this day.