people – emma howard

name Emma Howard
portrait photo
How long have you been a member of SBS? 6 years
What roles do you currently play within the society? Committee, Photographer, Other
What does this role/roles involve? I have been on the committee for two years as a committee member, with no particular role. It is not particularly onerus and due to my commitments at home and work I have needed to dip in and out at times, but have always felt my contributions have been welcomed. I did take on the role of organising the entertainments for the May Fayre in 2020, but of course, Covid put the kaibosh on that. It is a shame because it as going to be a great event. I promise.
I am also one of the photographers for the society and whilst there are a good number of us, I am lucky to be able to document the night (and other events) for the society. Looking back through our archive is a great thing and we are lucky to be able to do so.
I also chip in with the small builds team when I can. Richie has given an explanation of what small builds do, so if you aren’t sure have a look at his profile. For me, it’s just a good opportunity to get a bit creative with the stuff we use for the fifth and the May Fayre etc. Remember the Black Widow Boom Barrel? We did that and much fun was had in the process.
How long have you held this position/positions? 2 Years
What other roles have you played? Committee, Photographer, Heckler, Small Builds member
What do you most love about your role/s? Contributing to the spectacle that is the fifth.