people – jim chambers

name Jim Chambers
portrait photo
How long have you been a member of SBS? 8 years (I think)
What roles do you currently play within the society? Aide de Camp, Communications, Firesite Team, Torch Team, Committee
What does this role/roles involve? 1. AIDE DE CAMP: Working as back up to Commander In Chief – attending safety meeting when possible – ensuring procession timings are adhered to – controlling pace of processions as much as possible – ensuring torches and crosses are safely extinguished.
2. COMMUNICATIONS: Designing programme and other SBS comms – badges, merchandise, etc.
3. FIRESITE TEAM Helping safely assemble and disassemble the firesite.
4. TORCH TEAM: I make a LOT of excellent torches.
5. COMMITTEE: Attending monthly meetings – decision making and suggestions for the best interests of the society – I often think I’m there to inject jokes into proceedings – also to instigate debate around difficult issues!!
How long have you held this position/positions? 1. 3 years; 2. 4 years; 3. 7 years; 4. 8 years; 5. 4 years (I think these times are about right!)
What other roles have you played? See above!!
What do you most love about your role/s? COMMUNITY