people – sarah monk

name Sarah Monk
portrait photo
How long have you been a member of SBS? 11 years
What roles do you currently play within the society? Committee, Communications
What does this role/roles involve? I’m a former journalist and I love storytelling. Bonfire has so much rich history and tradition and is brimming with community spirit so it’s great to be able to use my skills and experience to connect Southover Bonfire Society members with each other and the wider world. I’ve been involved in a number of bonfire programmes; creating films; devising specific publicity campaigns to showcase our May Fayre and open gardens and drum up attendance; and have written and produced numerous Advance updates for members and content for instagram.
How long have you held this position/positions? 11 years
What other roles have you played? I like to buddy up with new members, particularly buccaneers, and make them feel at home from Day One
What do you most love about your role/s? The fantastic people and brilliant stories we can share