people – steve george

name Steve George
portrait photo
How long have you been a member of SBS? 10 years(?)
What roles do you currently play within the society? Vice Chair, Captain of First Pioneers
What does this role/roles involve? Vice Chair: doesn’t involve as much as it perhaps should have in my time but means stepping in for meetings if the Chair is unable to attend. I think in future the role should probably be viewed as a succession position into becoming Chair, but also a role for the Chair to delegate to if needed.
First Pioneer Chief: this role is responsible for the Monks, not just on the 5th, but with the invaluable support of the lieutenants ensuring Monks are also represented and taking ownership for fundraising at events like the May Fayre and stepping up to volunteer throughout the year. Like everything in the Society that works well, the Monks are a team – the Bell Cart, the crosses carried and everything that happens all relies on individuals working together, and that the First Pioneers do it so well makes my job easy and a lot of fun.
How long have you held this position/positions? 2 years
What other roles have you played? Photographer, May Fayre co-organiser, Clergy, Tab Team Member, Programme contributor, marshalling at events like Battle of Lewes etc
What do you most love about your role/s? The sense of camaraderie and friendship that you build – the 5th, and life generally, is made so much better by the people you get to know through the roles you do in the Society. Many of my best experiences and closest friends have come through the roles I’ve done in SBS, I only wish I’d got involved sooner.