SBS plans for 2021

As we speak, there is plenty of plotting, planning and preparation behind the scenes for Southover Bonfire Society and its members in readiness for November 5 2021.

When people ask us if Bonfire is going ahead, all we can say is that we are planning as if it is but, like Bonfire Societies and other organisations everywhere, we are keeping a very close eye on any covid updates or changes made by the Government. This is an ever-changing situation and protecting people’s health and wellbeing is paramount.

We would like to thank everyone who has continued to support the Society through this very difficult period, and we are working hard to do all we can to commemorate ‘The 5th’ – whatever constraints we may yet face.


Badge Nights 2021

You can pick up your Southover Bonfire Society membership card and badge (without which you aren’t able to process) at our Badge Nights which take place at The King’s Head, our HQ in Lewes. We usually have three or four of these and details are being finalised for 2021.

Don’t forget in order to pick up your badge, please renew your membership in advance by following this link to the membership login:

We’ve got around 660 members in Southover Bonfire Society. New membership enquiries should initially be made by emailing the Membership Team.


Bonfire 2020 and Covid


Due to the pandemic and in adherence to government guidelines and to protect public health and safety, we have cancelled our celebration on November 5th 2020. This includes badge nights, processions, bonfire, firework displays, torches and tab. We have told our members and reiterate this here for everyone else, if people go out on the night individually or in groups, as a family or in SBS colours, they will be doing so under their own steam. They are not part of Southover Bonfire Society and should not claim to be so. This is to protect us against any insurance claims made in relation to COVID 19 or injuries resulting from this activity. We have told members that if a claim is made against them, we will not be able to defend them because our insurance will not cover them as we have officially cancelled the event. We are looking forward to coming back bigger than ever in 2021! ADVANCE!


Grant us Three Wishes

…or perhaps just one, all contributions welcome! SBS uses loads of kit in its various activities throughout the year so we’ve set up an Amazon wish list to make it easy for members to make a financial contribution to the Society. All donations would be very gratefully received, please visit our wish list page to find out more.Facebooktwitter