committee elections

Committee elections will take place at the 2019 AGM, the candidates who have put themselves forward have written a few words of introduction, please take a moment to read them below. Thanks and see you at the Dripping Pan!

Paul Fry

“We joined SBS in 2012 and have been involved with torchmaking every year, since 2015 I have coordinated torchmaking, with support from a great team. I have also been a Smuggler Marshal for the last three years.

I believe Lewes Bonfire and SBS face a number of challenges, ranging from ever tighter controls the Emergency Services try to impose, through to the changing demographic of Lewes’ population. I fear these pressures risk Lewes Bonfire becoming a torchlit ‘fancy-dress parade’, rather than an event committed to promoting and proclaiming freedom of speech and belief, and committed to remembering the sacrifice others made in order to keep those freedoms alive. I believe SBS must maintain and promote true Bonfire tradition among its membership.

Speaking to others in SBS I sense concern that the same few members seem to put in most of the effort needed to make the Fifth, and SBS, a success. Committee needs to find a way of making it clear that SBS membership is not just about turning up to process in costume on The Fifth, but that membership requires a year-round commitment to making the Fifth a success.

Outside Bonfire I am a freelance Technical Consultant, and hope I can use my organisational skills and experience to help SBS Advance.”

Emma Howard

“I am a relative newcomer to Bonfire, having spent but five years as part of SBS, my one and only bonfire society. I was encouraged to join by a certain J. Macauley esq. to help out with the fantastic team taking photos and was hooked from that time on. I can’t imagine life without bonfire.

Together with my trusty sidekick, Louie, we have taken part in various bonfire related activities, from torch destroying, to cart building and the bringing of sarcasm and wit to all we see around us.

I do recognise, that as with many activities reliant on volunteers, that the hard work that goes on behind the scenes is essential and manifold and whilst this is often left to a hardcore of hardcore hardcorers, it is important that people step in and do their bit for the common good. Thus, this is my pathetic application to join the gathering of the great and good and lay myself prostrate before you to consider my worthiness to serve.

I have many skills I can bring to this post; being a smartarse, standing around, looking important and nodding sagely.”